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> Why SEO is become even more interesting
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What makes SEO more attractive in a down market? While I can't say for certain, I'll enumerate the most common explanations and motivations I've heard and perceived:
  1. The Web Outperforms Other Sales Channel
    When organizations look at the paths leading to sales and income (a critical analysis whenever budgets are under scrutiny), the web almost always comes out with one of two assessments. Either it's a leading sales channel (especially from an ROI perspective) or it's deemed to be an area with the greatest opportunity for growth. In both scenarios, web marketing and, in correlation, SEO, takes center stage.
  2. It's the Right Time to Re-Tool
    Established companies frequently use down cycles as a chance to focus attention inward and analyze themselves. Consequently, there's a spike in website redesigns and SEO along with it.
  3. Paid Search Drives Interest in SEO
    Paid search spending is still reaching all-time highs, and when companies evaluate the cost and value, there's a nagging little voice saying "70%+ of the clicks don't even happen in the ads; use SEO."
  4. SEO is Losing its Stigma
    Google is releasing SEO guides, Microsoft and Yahoo! both have in-house SEO departments and the "SEO is BS" crowd have lost a little of their swagger and a lot of their arguments. No surprise - solid evidence trumps wishful thinking, especially when times are tough.
  5. Marketing Departments are in a Brainstorming Cycle
    A high percentage of companies are asking the big questions - "how do we get new customers?" and "what avenues still offer opportunity?" Whenever that happens, SEO is bound to show up near the top of the "to be investigated" pile.
  6. Search Traffic Will Be Relatively Unscathed by the Market
    Sales might drop, conversion rates might falter a bit but raw search traffic isn't going anywhere. A recession doesn't mean that people stop searching the web, and with broadband adoption rates, Internet penetration and searches per users consistently rising, search is no fad - it's here for the long haul.
  7. Web Budgets are Being Reassessed
    We've all seen the news about display advertising falling considerably - that can only happen when managers meet to discuss how to address budget concerns. Get 10 Internet marketing managers into rooms with their teams and at least 4 or 5 are bound to discuss SEO and how they can grab that "free" traffic.
  8. Someone Finally Looked at the Web Analytics
    It's sad, but true. When a downturn arrives or panic sets in, someone, maybe the first someone in a long time, checks the web analytics to see where revenue is still coming in. Not surprisingly, search engine referrals with their exceptional targeting and intent-matching are ranking high on the list.
I'd love to hear your experiences - have you seen an uptick in buzz about SEO? Has your agency, consulting practice or company taken a renewed interest in the subject? Why?

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